Collision Center

“Byron's Patterson Auto Body was established to provide exceptional repairs that restore vehicles to their original condition after a collision, maintaining the integrity designed by the manufacturer. Over the last 40 years, we have gained a reputation for our excellent customer service and the repair solutions we offer.”

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Modern vehicles are now safer than ever before, but this also means they have become more complex. Byron’s Patterson Auto Body is I-CAR GOLD CLASS. This means the technicians handling your vehicle possess the necessary tools, training, and technology to bring your vehicle back to its original factory standards.

Whether you are covering a repair out of pocket or submitting a claim through insurance, our team is here to assist you. We collaborate with all insurance companies to alleviate your worries throughout the repair procedure.

Byron's Patterson Auto Body Collision Center Certifications

Your Vehicle's Restoration Journey

A Detailed Overview

Step 1: Obtaining an Estimate

We will collect your information, including insurance details, and then provide a comprehensive assessment of the damage to your vehicle. Our experienced estimators will review the damage to your vehicle alongside you, answering any questions you may have.

Restoration Journey - Obtaining an Estimate
Vehicle Restoration Journey Part 1

Step 2: Blueprinting & Prep Work

Our technicians will follow manufacturer guidelines to disassemble your vehicle and assess for any additional damage. If necessary, the remaining parts will be ordered at this stage. Repairs will then commence as your car moves through the body shop from the blueprinting bay to the frame machine, to the prep deck- your car makes its way to the necessary departments.

Restoration Journey - Blueprinting and Prep Work
Vehicle Restoration Journey Part 2

Step 3: Painting

Once your car is ready to be painted, we make sure to protect any areas where paint does not belong! Our painters will color match your car color, and apply the paint with expert precision. Your car will look like it’s new from the factory once it’s done!

Restoration Journey - Precision Painting
Vehicle Restoration Journey Part 3

Step 4: Reassembly

We will install any new or repaired parts in your vehicle. Any additional repairs such as windshield replacement, alignments, or other mechanical requests are conducted at this point. Our technicians will then perform any necessary or required ADAS Calibrations ensuring smooth functioning of all operations.

Restoration Journey - Vehicle Reassembly
Vehicle Restoration Journey Part 4

Step 5: Detail & QC

Our team will conclude by washing and vacuuming your vehicle, cleaning the windows, and attending to any final touch-ups. Afterward, a thorough quality inspection will be conducted to ensure your vehicle is road-ready. Expect to receive a well-maintained vehicle that feels fresh and operates smoothly.

Restoration Journey - Detailing and Quality Control
Certified PPG Refinish Center

We stand by our work: As a certified PPG Refinish Center, we guarantee the quality of the job for as long as you own the vehicle. All parts carry their own separate warranty.

Contact us today and let our team return your vehicle back to pre-accident condition!